6 de outubro de 2013


Gary It’s all gentle with him. That’s not what  I’m after. Got to find  this bloke. I know he’s out there. Just got to find him…

Robbie Someone who’s not gentle?

Gary Yeah, something strong. Firm, you know.

Robbie Yes.

Gary You think he’s cruel but really he’s looking out for you. I’m going to be somewhere. I’ll be dancing. Shopping. Whatever. And he’ll fetch me. Take me away.

Robbie If he exists.

Gary You what?

Robbie If he really exists.

Gary You saying I’m lying?

Robbie I didn’t say that.
I think… I think we all need stories, we make up stories so that we can get by.
And I think a long time ago there were big stories. Stories so big you could live your whole life in them. The Powerfull Hands of Gods and Fate. The Journey to Englightenment. The March of Socialism. But they all died or the world grew up or grew senile or forgot them, so now we’re all making up our own stories. Little stories. It comes out in different ways. But we’re each got one.

Gary Yes.

Robbie It’s lonely. I understand. But you’re not alone. […]"

(Shopping & fucking, Mark Ravenhill)